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"My purpose and my passion is making beautiful jewellery that gets worn every day."

Aidi MacDaibhi Master Goldsmith

Master goldsmith Aidi Mac Dáibhi’s purpose is making jewellery that gets worn every day.
“My purpose and my passion is making beautiful jewellery that gets worn every day. Rings that looks beautiful, feels good on your hand, and is tough enough for everyday use,”

“To me, is more than just a business – it’s a love affair. I pour unending love and care into all that I make. I believe this creates unique and comfortable jewellery that emanates the love I put into it, so that it enhances the joy of the wearer.”

I believe this is why my creations means so much to the people that wear it. ”Aidi Mac Dáibhi still to this day, makes every single piece of jewellery he produces by hand.

Aidi uses age old traditional goldsmithing techniques that date back over 2000 years. Using hand tools that have not changed since ancient times, Aidi applies patterns to rings and pendants with old tools that have been passed down through generations. “Often the tools don’t exist anymore so I either have to make it or source it,’ says Aidi.

Indeed, Aidi Mac Dáibhi the artist, is the creative force behind each original and distinctive Celtic design. He takes inspiration from the hedgerows and wildflowers that surround him in the stunning countryside of Listowel, County Kerry and from the now famous Wild Atlantic Way.

Producing just a limited range of new designs a year, Aidi works in the peace and tranquility of his studio in Listowel.

Pouring copious amounts of love and care into each design, he develops and crafts up his designs using original sketches.

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