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John B Keane’s Bar

A visit to Listowel is incomplete till you have soaked up the town's lively social scene and rich cultural pedigree, achieved in one hit with a trip to John B Keane's Bar.

The bar bearing his name, located in his former home and owned by son Billy, remains a hugely vibrant part of the town’s social, sporting and literary life!

Billy is also a writer and hosts the Summer Pub Theatre in the bar along with his fellow actors, singers and poets.

John B’s is a talking pub. The televsion is only switched on very occasionally and you could meet anyone in the pub from Prime Ministers to small farmers.

As a sports’ writer, Billy will discuss this favoured topic forever (and a bit) – sometimes leads to a slight delay in service.

John B’s is famous for its innatention to detail. So, forget the grind and leave your troubles at the door.