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Take off Your Cornflakes

Written and starring Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan

Tom and Trish have celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary but what happens when he wakes up with a strange woman beside him and she tells him she’s his wife? What does Trish do when she realises the person she loves is losing his mind.

Faced with life-changing challenges, Trish has to make a choice, which she does, armed only with humour, music and love.

Originally developed for Fishamble’s Show in a Bag, Take Off Your Cornflakes is a funny, tender heart-warming joy, with Dad jokes so bad you’ll break your heart laughing.

Created by and starring Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan

Directed by Liam Halligan / Produced by Anna Fox / Original music by Denis Clohessy / Choreography Diane Richardson / Video imagery Kieran McBride



“The two authors play Trish and her taxi-driver husband Tommy, to perfection.”

Emer O’Kelly – Sunday Independent

“Henderson and Nolan have such natural chemistry that, like Trish, we are smiling through tears for much of the show. An acutely observed piece inspired by Henderson’s family experience, this has an authentic dignity which affirms that love and good humour can coexist with heartbreak.”

Fiona Charleton – Sunday Times

**** – “there’s a charm and ease, and an irresistible chemistry between Nolan and Henderson, that is utterly enchanting.”

Chris O’Rourke The Arts Review

**** – “Rose Henderson as Trish and Pat Nolan as Tommy give very moving performances as a couple clinging to love and affection despite the impossible situation.”

Michael Moffatt – Irish Mail on Sunday

20th February 2020 - 20th February 2020