Listowel Badminton

Listowel Badminton Club, established over 100 years, welcomes all to enjoy and participate in one of the most exciting and fastest racquet games around – at the highest levels shuttle speeds can reach over 300kmh.

An indoor court game, played over the autumn/winter months, it is a fun way to develop and maintain your fitness, aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision. The technical demands of the sport will also improve your motor and hand/eye coordination. All transferable skills and attributes which will improve your performance in other sports.

Who can join?

Anyone can join Listowel Badminton Club. Whether you are a complete novice or a beginner, a regular and experienced player or returning to the sport after a break; whether you wish to play socially or for fun only, play competitively or non-competitively we will welcome your interest.

Different Levels of Player

Listowel Badminton Club accommodates players in separate grades, from divison 5 up to division 1. This provides that all club members play with others of a similar standard to themselves to ensure enjoyable, exciting and challenging club nights and competitive games.

Division 5

Division 5 is the entry level and includes individuals picking up a badminton racquet for the very first time, to social members, to very competent players who compete at county level throughout the season. The more experienced players are always on hand to encourage, assist and help new members learn the game.

Divisions 1 – 4

Division 4 through to Division 1 (highest) are for those players who display the most talent, aptitude and commitment. Progression up the grades is by assessment of the County Graders.



All Club Members have to opportunity to play competitive badminton.

Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies’ Doubles and Mixed teams are entered into County League and Cup competitions. Open Invitation Tournaments for individual entry are hosted by clubs from throughout the region.

Listowel Badminton Club host their own Open Tournament each January for players from across the County,

There are also several Club Fun Nights throughout the year.

Recent Successes

Listowel has had several successes in recent times.

Our members have won the County Championship Div. 3 Mens Doubles and Mixed Doubles titles; been Runners-Up in the Divs. 1 and 5 Singles Championship and Div. 5 Doubles Championship.

There has been victory in the Div. 3 Waterstone Cup Final and Div. 5 Mixed Doubles Shield. Our Div. 5 Mens Team also won their County League.

Equally, we have many members who play weekly but never compete and, nonetheless, take huge enjoyment from their badminton.


Youth membership


Club Nights

Mondays            Divs. 1 – 4          8pm-10pm            St Michael’s Gym

Tuesdays           Div. 5                   8pm-10pm            St Michael’s Gym

Wednesday       Divs. 1 – 5*         8pm-10pm            St Michael’s Gym

            (*except on County League match nights)

Thursdays          Divs. 1 – 5           8pm-10pm            Listowel Comm. Centre

The season generally runs from Sept to April


Fees for the 2013-14 season are €130 for Adult Members with a Special Offer of €100 for the full season to those paying on or prior to the registration nights.

There are reduced fees for full-time students and the unemployed.

Social Activities

A number of Club social events and fundraising activities are organised throughout the year - including a Christmas Social, Pub Quizzes and a Fun Tournament & Social.

Informal gatherings in some of Listowel’s bars and pubs, weekend jaunts to Killarney and such like also take place and are firmly encouraged……but remain outside the control of the Club!


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